prom is thursday and i don’t have a date

My senior quote is: “Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.” - Jack Sparrow

Is it good? haha


It’s already midnight….

I think I want it to be funny

Who wants to make money and help me make money too? haha

If you’re interested, message me.

I’m just terrified of all the drastic changes that are about to happen in my life and I’m scared that things won’t get better even though I know that have to and I’m scared that I will never catch my dream and just spend my life chasing something I’ll never get and I’m scared that I won’t go up and I’ll just stay in the same place and I’m afraid of some people I might meet in the future and some people who I will never meet and I’m afraid of changes and no change at all and I’m just afraid that I’ll never be anything I deem “great” and I just am scared that I won’t get my self confidence that I used to have back and I’ll just be a failure. I’m just really scared.

I mean I can see how it sucks when they expect too much from you, but it is a really shitty feeling to have the people closest to you not even believe that you can achieve your dream. It’s scary. It makes me question if I actually will catch my dream or if I’ll just be a loser my entire life. When they expect too much from you, at least they think you can do something successful.. I feel like everyone just thinks I’m always going to just fail.

It kinda sucks when you’re a 17 year old teenage girl and you feel like your parents don’t even expect that much from you… When they don’t expect you to get into colleges you’re hoping to get into… Colleges you’ve wanted to get into for years… I kinda sucks when you feel like no one is expecting that much from you except for you to amount to nothing :(

Sometimes I think about what will happen if I don’t get to become a successful musician… And I’m only 17 and a senior in high school and it feels like I fucked up my future and I won’t amount to anything. It feels like I killed the dreams I strived for and now it just seems so hopeless that I’m beginning to not care and that scares me. What if it never works out? My optimism and dreams are starting to become silent and it’s scary the hell out of me. I don’t want to feel this numbness.

:( Currently feeling very dark, depressed, and empty :(